Nature Summer Camp Galleries 2016

Welcome to our gallery of Nature Summer Camp images from the 2016 camp season. We’re excited to share our nature explorations and exciting discoveries with you.

Leadership Training Camp

Leadership Training Camp is back for its third season in Summer 2016! We are thrilled to be continuing this program as a two-week session jam-packed with outdoor adventures, group challenges, nature hikes and leadership discussions. This exciting camp is a combination of all the usual Hitchcock camp games and songs and leadership skills that will apply to being a Junior Counselor at Hitchcock and just in life! We hope to incorporate our favorite activities from last year, such as rock climbing, the ropes course challenge and our camping overnight, and go on new trips too. We’ll get a chance to both work with the younger campers to put what we learn into practice and to be campers ourselves playing in the woods and exploring nature. This camp is designed for all Hitchcock campers ages 11-13 (entering sixth through eighth grade) whether you’re a first-time Leader in Training or returning from last year.

More Leadership Training Camp images coming soon! Please check back.

What Would Nature Do?

What is the best way to cool off on a hot day? How can we save energy powering trains? Animals, plants and other organisms have been adapting to challenges like this for the whole history of our planet. Nature has a lot to teach us about how to solve problems in ways that are good for the Earth. Through hands-on inquiry, games, art and outdoor investigations we will discover the efficiency of nature’s adaptations and ask what we can learn from nature about how to live more sustainably.


Ew, That’s Gross!

Do you love bugs, snakes and slugs? Do you love digging in the dirt? Then this is the session for you! During this week we’ll make slime, play in the mud and discover the insects and other creatures that live in the soil. We’ll find out who’s who in the creepy crawly world and learn about the important jobs these animals have in their environment as decomposers, predators and food for other animals.  Hands-on animal observation, field trips, hikes and crafts are all part of the fun!

No Place Like Home

Do you know who is living in your backyard and beyond? Come explore a variety of habitats in our community- fields, farms, and forest – and find out who and what is living and thriving there. We’ll discover fascinating connections among the plants, animals and humans where we live. Through hands-on experiences within these habitats, mixed with stories, songs, games and crafts, we will build our sense of place as we investigate where our food comes from, the human and natural history of this place, how our ecosystems work, and all about the many creatures who all call this place home.

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