Blog Nature Summer Camp : New “This Land is Our Land” Lyrics

By Katie Koerten

A few families were requesting the rewritten lyrics to “This Land is Your Land” that the Young Naturalists wrote last week during Session 2. For those of you that attended our camp share on Friday afternoon you know it was very sweet, and very accurate summary of what we did at camp!

Published in Blog, Nature Summer Camp on July 21, 2015.

Blog Nature Summer Camp : Rock Climbing with the Leaders in Training

By Katie Koerten

Last Thursday the Leaders in Training went rock climbing at Chapel Ledges in Ashfield. Our facilitator for the day was Leah Lamdin, daughter of Peter (one of the counselors). Leah, who has instructed rock climbing at Morse Hill and Kroka Expeditions, taught us how to repel and belay safely. It was awesome!

Published in Blog, Nature Summer Camp on July 20, 2015.

Blog Nature Summer Camp : Summer Camp: This Land is Your Land

By Colleen Kelley

Campers connected with the land we call home. From farmland to forest, mountains to meadows, we discovered the ecosystems all around us and the interconnectedness of the animals that live here. We learned about our rich farm soil, our fascinating geological stories and the serene wilderness of the Quabbin Reservoir by traveling on field trips, telling stories, playing nature-themed games and making crafts. From enjoying the view from a mountaintop to tasting fresh local food, we experienced the finest natural features of the Pioneer Valley.

Published in Blog, Nature Summer Camp on July 9, 2015.

Blog Nature Summer Camp : Camp Has Begun!

By Katie Koerten

Hi everyone! The summer camp season started yesterday with “Our Little Micro World.” Campers are learning about all things tiny in nature this week, such as insects and other tiny creatures, tiny plants and patterns in nature. Basically we’re looking at life on a miniature scale! Yesterday the Young Naturalists built exquisite little fairy houses. Today they studied tiny pond creatures!

Published in Blog, Nature Summer Camp on June 30, 2015.

Blog Nature Summer Camp : Meet the Camp Staff!

By Katie Koerten

Hello and welcome to Nature Summer Camp 2015! The counselors and I have been buzzing like bees around here getting ready for the first day of camp next week. We can’t wait to meet all the campers! I am super thrilled about our staff. We are lucky to have three returning counselors, two fabulous new ones and two wonderful support staff! And now, let’s introduce them one by one…

Published in Blog, Nature Summer Camp on June 26, 2015.

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