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Published in Funding & business partners on August 17, 2016.

Earth Matters : Nature’s clock: Studying the timing, life cycles of species

As awareness of climate change has grown, phenology increasingly offers evidence of how shifts in temperature, precipitation, available sunlight and other factors are affecting a wide variety of species. These effects may influence how our crops will fare, what and how many pests we may have to contend with, what diseases we may have to be prepared for and what species we may expect to see or lose in our local ecosystems over the long term.

Published in Earth Matters on January 16, 2015.

In the News : State grants $510,000 for ‘zero net energy’ projects in Amherst, Northampton and Easthampton

Daily Hampshire Gazettte

The Hitchcock Center for the Environment’s quest to build a new education center on the Hampshire College campus in Amherst is among three projects in the region that received a total of $510,000 in grants from a new state program to assist development of “zero net energy” buildings and homes. The new Pathways to Zero program under the direction of the state Department of Energy Resources recently announced $2.9 million in grants statewide, including $330,000 to the Hitchcock Center in Amherst; $156,000 to Transformations Inc., of Townsend, for two planned housing developments at Village Hill Northampton; and $24,000 to Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity to build two new homes on East Street in Easthampton.

Published in In the News on December 31, 2014.

Earth Matters : Awesome auroras: Watch for them in a sky near you

By Elizabeth Farnsworth

Called the “aurora” after the Greek goddess of the dawn, and “borealis” with reference to the north, it is kicked up by the solar wind, the cascade of charged particles continually generated by our ever-burning sun. Electrons rain down on Earth, following the lines of our planet’s magnetic field and transferring their energy to oxygen and nitrogen atoms high in the atmosphere. The shifting colors of the aurora depend on which elements are being charged and the level of excitation to which they are being boosted at any given time. Hence, the aurora is a dynamic light show that dwarfs the most psychedelic of rock concerts here on earth.

Published in Earth Matters on December 19, 2014.

Earth Matters : O, say can you see an eagle?

By David Spector

When I see a bald eagle, however, my own experiences resonate more deeply with me than all its history and symbolism. My memories of the bird go back to even before I first saw one. When I started recording bird sightings, this species was high on my wish list of birds to see, and, to increase my chances, I read about its shoreline habitat and distribution.

Published in Earth Matters on December 5, 2014.

Earth Matters : The future of agriculture; we must all be ecologists

By Lawrence J. Winship

In the autumn, as our neighbors fill their grain bins with barley, and their cellars with potatoes, I am always amazed at their productivity. What a long, interesting journey we and our food plants have taken.

Published in Earth Matters on November 21, 2014.

In the News : Hampshire College to break ground on new building next month; hopes to meet Living Building Challenge

Earlier this year, the Hitchcock Center for the Environment announced plans to create what’s called a Living Building on the campus of Hampshire College. A Living Building is the highest environmental standard there is surpassing the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and there are fewer than a dozen buildings that are so certified in the United States.

Published in In the News on October 27, 2014.

In the News : Living Building Challenge Mini-Conference, September 12-13, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA

Press Release
Hitchcock Center

Only five buildings have achieved Living Building certification. Several hundred more are being planned, including for the first time – with Hampshire College and the Hitchcock Center – two on adjacent portions of one campus.

Published in In the News on September 3, 2014.

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