Donations and Memberships

From hands-on family science and nature programs, to workshops on reducing your carbon footprint and one-of-a-kind special events, HCE members have access to it all.

What does the Hitchcock Center mean to you? Whether it’s a path for connecting with the great outdoors, a space for learning something new, a pathway for taking action toward building a healthier planet, or simply a peaceful place to reflect and relax, you have a home at the Hitchcock Center.

Membership Options

Individual member: $45
Family member: $60
Supporting member: $120 [$10/month]
Contributing member: $250 [$21/month]
Sponsoring member: $500 [$42/month]

Leadership Circle

Patron: $1,000
Leader: $2,500
Advocate: $5,000
Benefactor: $10,000

Give a Donation or Membership

Monthly Sustainers are especially important to the Hitchcock Center! Recurring donors allow us to operate more efficiently, just like our new building, by providing steady support that we can count on in planning for the future. Consider giving directly from your bank account to reduce fees and avoid complications as your card number changes. If you’re not able to find your bank in the system, please contact Marcus to set up your donation.

We accept Visa and MasterCard (credit or debit).

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Hitchcock Center for the Environment