Spring Birding Course 2016

Join local bird expert Scott Surner for his annual Spring Birding Course, he has been doing it since 1979! There will be an evening class component as well as field trips around the region and beyond. For all field trips bring binoculars and guides, food and water and dress for the weather. Carpooling will be arranged in class. Space is limited and in high demand.

Online registration opens HERE on Tuesday, January 12th at 9am.

Members $275 Non-members $315


Wednesday Classes at the Hitchcock Center:

February 17, March 9, April 6, May 11, June 8

Field Trips:

Saturday & Sunday, February 20-21 – Cape Ann/Plum Island
Depart 5:00 AM Saturday, Sunday optional. (We’ll stay close to home if weather takes a turn for the worst) The first trip of the 2016 season begins in the middle of winter.
Snowy Owl, Harlequin Ducks, Rough-legged Hawks, Razorbills, Common Eiders, Purple Sandpipers and more.

March 12 – 7am-12pm
Waterfowl and early spring arrivals.

March 19 – 7am-12pm
Hadley/Turners Falls.

April 2 – 7am-12pm
Hadley/Hatfield/Turners Falls

April 9 – 7am-12pm

April 23 – 7am-12pm

April 30 – 7am-12pm

May 7 – 7am- 12pm
Local/ Bird Festival

May 14  5am – All Day
Plum Island. Migration is in full swing.
Herons/Waterfowl/Warblers/Vireo’s and more. Bring lunch.

May 29  (Sunday) 6am – 2pm
Southern Berkshires.
Breeding birds.

June 10-12
Connecticut Lakes. Pittsburgh, New Hampshire.
Breeding & Boreal Birds, and even a Moose or two.

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