School Programs 2024



In 2024 we will be offering a variety of options for you and your students:

No matter what your schoolyard looks like, it is a unique ecosystem where plants and animals interact with each other and their environment. In these field trips, students explore the school grounds, practicing the skills of observation, data collection and analysis to increase their understanding of the interdependence of living things and earth’s systems in the schoolyard web of lif​e.

We encourage an outdoor, nature-based approach that can take place on school grounds. Time spent learning from and with nature provides measurable academic, social, emotional, and physical benefits. One of the safest places for learning during this pandemic is the outdoors.

We look forward to working with you in any way we can and so appreciate all that you do as teachers to keep our children healthy, safe and educated!! You are our heroes.

*For best availability, field trip requests should be made three or more months in advance. Availability after the annual April school vacation week is extremely limited. We can make tentative reservations up to a year in advance.

Alignment with the Massachusetts Science & Technology/Engineering Framework

All programs are aligned with both the current and the revised Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Framework. In Massachusetts there is a strong focus on students mastering the practices of Science and Engineering. Our programs include one or more of these practices:

COVID-19 Safety

Read our complete COVID-19 Program Participant Guidelines.

Our programs are designed to be fun and engaging and above all safe. The COVID-19 program guidelines are designed to help protect everyone as we meet the strict health and safety requirements of the CDC and our state. Please take the time to read the information thoroughly. If you feel that you or your child(ren) cannot follow these guidelines, we ask that you wait until these restrictions have been lifted to join one of our programs or events. We may change our guidelines to reflect new guidance from CDC and Massachusetts.

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