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Featured artist: Lisa Beskin 

When you visit HCE, check out the new photography exhibit by Western Mass artist Lisa Beskin in our Community Room Gallery. Beskin’s work looks at some of the natural world’s most astonishing secrets; from the hues of aquatic plants, to animals in local lakes. 

About her work, Beskin says: “I started taking underwater photographs during the strange pandemic summer of 2020. Mostly unemployed, I was spending a lot of time face-down in a neighborhood lake in Belchertown, breathing through a snorkel and looking through a dive mask. On a whim I bought a waterproof case for my smartphone and began recording that subaqueous world. I fell in love with the outrageous colors and delicate tableaux, the ranges of light and clarity, murk and gloom. Since then I’ve continued to explore lakes, ponds, and rivers of Western Massachusetts. I get to see  fish and turtles and aquatic insects and snails from perspectives I’d never considered. I love observing these ecosystems, and am continually learning more about their health and the environmental challenges they face.”

Beskin’s work has shown or will show at Cooley Dickinson Hospital, the Sunderland Public Library, and Surface Noise Gallery in Louisville. She has won an award in the Mass Audubon Picture This photo contest and has been featured in Jubilat magazine and the UMass Magazine. You can follow her work on Instagram and from her website.

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