About us

Founded in 1962, the Hitchcock Center’s mission is to foster greater awareness and understanding of the environment and to develop environmentally literate citizens.

The Hitchcock Center connects people with nature and encourages a deeper emotional bond with the natural world that sustains us all. The Center helps develop a community that understands connections among human health, ecosystems and economies. Educational programs offer a particular focus on children, who live in a world of environmental challenges.

Our educational framework centers on five fundamentals:

These videos illustrate the impact of our work:

Resilience: A Chance to Build (March, 2015) defines what resiliency is (in the context of human qualities); uncovers what the characteristics of a resilient person are; explores why having a resilient citizenry is important; and highlights the Hitchcock Center for the Environment as an example for the type of education that helps nurture resilient people.

Roots: 50 Years of Growth engages our community to talk around the importance of the Center’s work.

Connecting to Place: Educating for Healthy Planet examines our work with schools, in classrooms, and with teachers.

A Natural Bond: Education for a Healthy Planet focuses on our work with children, youth, and families.

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Hitchcock Center for the Environment