Family Programs

A note about registration: Many of our programs fill quickly, so we highly recommend registering on the waiting list. We go to this list first if a space opens up. And by adding your name, you can help us better plan for the programs that are in high demand.

Second Saturday Family Science 

with Emily Schuttenberg
Ages 5–7 or Grades K–1
Second Saturdays, 10–11am
Jan. 14, Feb. 11, March 11, April 8, May 13, June 10
Suggested Donation: $5–$30 per family

Join us for seasonal nature and science programs each second Saturday of the month. Designed for children (ages 5–7) with their parents, these programs will explore cool topics in nature. We will be learning while moving, often exploring the woods behind our building.

January 14: Winter Wonderland

Come explore the shimmery, sparkly, silvery world of snow and ice! In our journey through a Winter Wonderland, we’ll discover properties of frozen water, investigating the shapes, sizes, and colors of snowflakes and icicles.

February 11: Tracks and Traces 

While we’re bundled up inside there is still a lot going on outside in Winter! We know this because the animals leave us clues! What tales can animals tell us by looking at what they leave behind?

March 11: Plants in Winter

Some plants die in the Winter, others retreat unseen below the ground, still others seem completely unchanged.  Learn about the adaptations of different plants in Winter time and investigate some evergreens in an attempt to understand their survival strategies.

April 8: Vernal Pools

Also called “ephemeral pools” these Spring habitats are teeming with life and only around for part of the year! As the world thaws, come explore the life of these unique and beautiful places. 

May 13: Pollinators

Everything around us is beautiful and blooming! Come learn about the animals who make the incredible colors and delicious scents (and, of course, the fruits and vegetables we eat) possible! 

June 10: Poisonous or Venomous

What’s the difference between poisonous and venomous? Where do these toxins come from? How do plants and animals use their toxins? In this Saturday Science we will explore the answers to these questions with hands-on activities, games, and nature exploration.  

Third Saturdays with the Animals

With Monya Relles
Ages 5–7 or Grades  K–1
Third saturdays, 10–11am
Suggested Donation: $5–$30 per family

Come meet one of the Hitchcock Center’s animal ambassadors. Designed for children (ages 5–7) with their parents, these programs will include some time with one of the Hitchcock Center teaching animals and a craft.

January 21 – Snails

March 18 – Frogs

May 20 – Sticks

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