PV Squared Promotion

Solar installation at the Hitchcock Center in 2016, with the friendly PV Squared installation team.

Now through May 15th, anyone who contacts PV Squared  for a free, no-obligation solar assessment can mention the Hitchcock Center and PV Squared will make a $500 donation to our Building for the Future Campaign, if your project moves forward to installation.

PV squared is a local worker-owned cooperative that can help you reduce your carbon footprint and erase your electric bill. They helped us go to net-zero at the Hitchcock Center!

If you’ve got a good site for solar, a project can pay for itself and save you money – while also helping our Building for the Future Campaign.

To get in touch with PV Squared, or to learn more, visit their website or or call (413) 772-8788.

The Hitchcock Center has a 60KW solar array, installed by PV Squared. The array uses Sun Power modules, currently the only Cradle to Cradle Silver certified modules on the market.

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