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Continuing 50 Years of Excellence in Environmental Education

Education is a critical ingredient to developing a community that understands the interconnections among the health of people, ecosystems and economies. Our commitment at the Hitchcock Center is to help people connect and reconnect with nature, especially young children, and to encourage development of a deeper emotional bond to the natural world that sustains us all. Come join the Hitchcock Center this fall as we empower curiosity in the environment! Learn more about our programs...

The Hitchcock Living Building Project Portal

Click here for information and the latest updates on the Hitchcock Center's exciting Living Building Project.


Homeschool Open House!

Thursday, May 29
1:30pm - 3:30pm
With Hitchcock Homeschool educators

Is your family new to homeschooling? Are you long-time homeschoolers looking for something new? All are welcome to join us on for an open house and ponding afternoon with our homeschool teachers. Come see what we’re all about at our Open House! Learn more...

Tree ID Using Bark and Habitat Clues

with Nancy Goodman, naturalist
Saturday, April 26, 10- 3 pm at Wm Cullen Bryant Homestead, Cummington, MA
Saturday, May 3, 10- 2 pm at High Ledges Audubon Sanctuary, Shelburne, MA

Have you ever looked at a tree in winter and wondered what it might be. For nearly half the year, bark provides the best clue to tree ID. Become familiar with the characteristic bark of different trees in a variety of habitats and at a different stages of growth. Learn more...

The Nez Perce National Historic Trail

with Pete Westover
Thursday, April 24, 7pm-8:30pm

The Nez Perce National Historic Trail is an incredible 1100-mile route through Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana taken in 1877 by several bands of the Nez Perce tribe in their effort to elude the U.S. army and return to their beautiful Wallowa Valley or reach the safety of Canada rather than submit to relocation to a reservation. It's a bitter story that unfolds in some of the country's most majestic scenery. Learn more...

The Hitchcock Center for the Environment’s mission is to foster a greater awareness and understanding of our environment and to develop environmentally literate citizens.