Saturday Family Science Series

Second Saturdays

9am-1pm Free The Hitchcock Center is open to families and the community second Saturdays of the month, September thru June from 9am-1pm. Stop by to explore our building, talk with an educator, read a book with your kids or grandkids in our visitor center, and join us for one of our family science programs from 10-11am.

Saturday Family Science Programs are generously sponsored by Pelham Auto Service and through a grant from the Peter & Elizabeth Tower Foundation.

Saturday Family Science

Second Saturdays, 10-11am Free Registration appreciated. Groups of 6 or more please call ahead. Join us for seasonal nature and science programs each second Saturday of the month. Designed for children with their parents, these programs will explore cool topics in nature.

July & August: There will be no Saturday Science programs during the summer.

September 14: Pollinator Celebration Day

Instead of a typical Second Saturday Science, we are kicking off the fall with our second annual Pollinator Celebration Day!

October 12: Going Batty

Come get cozy with the only mammal that can fly! Found on every continent except Antarctica and in a variety of ecosystems, bats are as fascinating as they are numerous. Come learn about these wonderful creatures and how they benefit our environment.

November 9: Tons of Seeds

Even the largest oak tree begins its life as a tiny seed.  For this Saturday Science we’ll be learning all about seeds, what they need, and the tricks plants use to keep them safe and spread them far and wide.

December 14: Nocturnal Life

When the sun sets many of us get ready for rest, but there is a whole world that is just waking up! Get ready for some night life (during the day) and learn about why and how some animals are active while we’re all asleep.

Weather Cancellation Policy If we cancel this program due to in-climate weather, we will post the cancellation on our website by 9am. Please check the website before coming to the program.

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