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The Peg McDaniel Resource Center offers a definitive array of K–12 teaching materials and resources for informal and formal educators seeking to strengthen their content knowledge and teaching methods in S.T.E.M.—Science, Technology, Engineering and Math—fields and the best practices of environmental education.

In addition to hundreds of curriculum units, lesson plans, classroom activities, we self-publish our own curriculum to address the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) including:

The Pond Ecosystem | Grade 3
Prepared by Hitchcock Center Educator Helen Ann Septhon.

Energy is Electrifying! | Grade 4
Hitchcock Center Educators Micky McKinley and Patty O’Donnell announced the official release of this newly developed curriculum at the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Annual Conference in Boston on April 4, 2014 to an audience of 75 educators from across the country. View or download their presentation.

The Hydrosphere, Water, and How We Use It | Grade 5
Prepared by Hitchcock Center Educator, Ted Watt.

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Additional resources for educators:

Our environmental educators are supporting 73 teachers in 10 schools, providing them with outdoor video instruction, classroom activities, and other teaching resources to help students continue their study of science and nature. You can find these by visiting our YouTube channel.

Early Childhood Resources Colleen Kelley, Director of Education has compiled some wonder-FULL resources she has found online and some that she has been using to teach children for many years. Explore these resources to help strengthen your Early Childhood teaching toolkit.

Take it Outside Bingo! Gets kids outside to be a scientist and make observations. How many tasks can you complete? Take a photo or draw a picture of the completed task to show your observations and submit for a prize. Funded by the Francis R. Dewing Foundation.

Get Out! Exploring the Wonders of our Local Parks, Every Kid Outdoors Program funded by the USDA Forest Service and prepared by the Hitchcock Center, 2019

Our Garden Plot Thickens, Science and Children, by Judith Hebert, Gini Traub, and Edward Watt, March 2015

Birding for Beginners, Green Teacher, by Renee Bachman and Edward Watt, Summer 2014

Why is Getting Outdoors Important? The Healthy Benefits of Connecting Children to Nature

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