Virtual Saturday Family Science

Flower Power
Saturday, May 23, 10am

Can you eat sunlight and help bees make honey? Flowers aren’t just beautiful to see and pick, they are a vital part of nature. This week we’ll look at flowers, the special adaptations they use to thrive in our world, and how we’ve come to depend on them as humans.

***In this week’s live portion of Saturday Science we will be dissecting a flower together.
Have your children bring a flower on Saturday if they would like to follow along!***

Live Stream Link

Join Aemelia Thompson at 10am on Saturday, May 23 for the live stream portion of Virtual Saturday Science.
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Meeting ID: 822 0252 6907
Password: 4Ydp2Q

HELPFUL TIP: Please change your Zoom screen name to your child’s name. This will help Aemelia to call on and interact with your child directly.


Feel free to engage with whichever activities you can before our interactive session on Saturday.  It is not required to do the activities but it might help learners engage more fully with the concepts. Have fun!


In this short video Hitchcock Educator Aemelia talks about why Springtime is flower time and how flowers reproduce.


A simple guide to some edible flowers you can grow at home. Some of these tasty flowers might surprise you!

Here are instructions for a classic science experiment with flowers, watching how they change color with dyed water.


Make some beautiful dyed coffee filter flowers using simple supplies from around your home.


Video of Hitchcock Educator Aemelia with simple steps on how to germinate a bean.

Read aloud: A Reason for a Flower by Ruth Heller

Read aloud: A Tiny Seed by Eric Carl

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