Insect Investigations Virtual School Field Trip

Grades 1-4

What makes an animal an insect? What role do insects play in our world and how are they important to people?  In our remotely accessible video students will become entomologists with a Hitchcock educator to adventure into the woods and search for insects. Learn how to identify an insect, where to find them, and the tools you’ll need to collect them. Plus, learn a ton of cool insect facts along the way! We will also come together as a class in a live interactive stream to share our experiences with insects, observe live teaching insects close up, learn about their complex life cycles, and participate in identification games and quizzes.

Field Trip Requirements

Prior to the live meeting with Hitchcock educator Aemelia Thompson, students should complete the following:

During the live meeting, we will:

*Please have students come to the meeting with a paper and drawing utensil.

Further Resources 

These are not required for the field trip but simple extra resources you might enjoy.


This is a great DIY lesson for kids to make their own butterfly nets. We do this with kids at the Hitchcock Center. We use these paint bag strainers rather than fabric


Here you’ll find a library of short videos on insects from National Geographic Kids


Here is a list of fictional children’s books about insects. The accompanying links are where you can find read aloud videos of them on YouTube.

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