Community Gallery Exhibit

Amherst au Naturale: Up Close and Personal

A Photo Show by Alan Hurwitz at the Hitchcock Center Living Building
Opening Events:
Wednesday, November 8th at 5pm and Saturday, November 11th at 11am

This photo exhibit is designed to show some special aspects of our local natural world. All are
of subjects found right here in Amherst – many captured on the Station Road property of the
photographer, Alan Hurwitz.

They are special: by showing aspects of nature we may miss if not paying close attention; as
beautiful photographs in themselves; and by many depicting interesting aspects of nature from
which we can learn, or which will inspire interesting conversations. We can help with that.
Many are macro images of insects, some of our fellow mammals, or birds or reptiles, common
or otherwise – most views of them that we don't see all the time. Others are of flowers, close-
up or as part of larger scenes. A few show the larger natural context of this scenic area.

A central purpose of this exhibit, like the Hitchcock Center itself, is to inspire educate, or
perhaps provoke, members of the Hitchcock Center and general Amherst communities, to
deepen our awareness of aspects of nature that we may pass unnoticed every day – not paying
the attention that these wonderful examples of the wisdom of nature deserve.

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