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Environments at Risk: Greenland

Artist: Rhea Banker

Rhea Banker, Coastal Collapse

Currently on exhibit

Prints are on sale with all proceeds to benefit the Hitchcock Center!

With the latest findings of how quickly sea ice is melting in the polar regions, the risks to native habitats and challenges to ways of life have been escalating at a serious pace. The loss of sea ice threatens mammals, sea life, and the hunting and fishing culture that has been the basis of Greenlandic life for many generations.

Artists have joined scientists in an effort not just to visually record these changes, but to express the beauty and energy of the Arctic wilderness now threatened both by global warming and by global competition over the development of Greenland’s natural mineral resources.

Rhea Banker has spent time over the past 5 years photographing the ancient stone landscapes and ice-filled fjords along Greenland’s jagged coast. Her photographic collages are the result of studying where the sea, ice, and land collide, capturing the light and movement that fill this unique environment.

She hopes that by sharing these images at the Hitchcock Center for the Environment, she will bring a greater awareness of the Arctic environment and its beauty to our local community.

All sales from this exhibit will be donated to the Hitchcock Center in order to support the critical educational work provided by the Center and its dedicated teachers.

About the Artist: Rhea Banker

Rhea Banker is a photographer and award-winning book designer. Although she has been living and working in New York City for 30 years, much of her work is based on journeys to the rocky edges of the world.  Her abstract studies of patterns within the Earth’s ancient surfaces have been exhibited in New York City, Edinburgh, Scotland, Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Copenhagen, Denmark, and, most recently, in a series of shows on the western coast of Greenland.  Much of her work is based on ancient movements recorded within the Earth’s crust and maps of imagined lands. Her textural abstract images are her reflections of these movements, and reveal her own attempts at understanding and sharing stories of an ever-changing planet.

Rhea Banker, At the Edge

In addition to Rhea’s photographic work, she is a professional book designer. Her designs have won multiple awards, and have been repeatedly exhibited at the New York Bookbinder’s Exhibitions in New York City.

A graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo, Rhea received her BFA in Design and a BA in Art History. While there, she was the winner of the Evelyn Rumsey Lord Travel Fellowship. She has lectured undergraduates in Medieval Art History as well as in the History of Photography.

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