Community Gallery Exhibit

April – June, 2018

Come visit the Hitchcock Center’s Community Gallery to learn more about these artists and to view their work honoring what we see in nature.

Learn to Look All Around – Photography by Anne Ely 

Learn to Look All Around. You never know what you might see…, is the title of the current exhibit by local nature photographer Anne E. Ely. It is a glimpse of the many faces of nature one might see by taking the time to look in all directions when out walking.

Birds of Winter: A Naturalist’s Quilt by Ted Watt 

Hitchcock Center Naturalist Ted Watt wanted to draw on his life-long study of nature and birds in particular and merge this with his family experiences quilting. In both his professional life and his leisure time, nature exploration and study have given him so much enjoyment and learning. He sees birds as symbols of beauty, freedom, song, and diversity. They are tied to many varied elements of the land.

Ted chose species that one would see in New England winters; some of his favorite species. He designed each square himself, often based on an image created by a photographer or painter. Each bird is approximately .85 of life size; their squares are sized correspondingly. Each square is a habitat snapshot for the species, with some plant materials connected to the species’ lives. The backgrounds are white for the winter snows. The remainder of the design came together as the squares were pieced together, the wool batting and backing added. Ted gathered a group of friends to help with the quilting. They quilted in white thread the outlines of each square and of each bird…so that the silhouettes of the birds became visible on the black print backing. But there were still large areas of the squares that were not quilted … so he decided to tie these areas and to use small sparkly seed beads to create glimpses of snowflakes.

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